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Thread: If You Use MuseScore

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    Sherry, in a word, no.
    An alternative way to mark the entire text is to click on the first bar to highlight it, then holding "shift" down, hold the right direction arrow down, you will see that the whole document gets highlighted - if your score has more than one stave, after highlighting the top first bar, hold shift down and click on bar 1 of the bottom stave, then proceed as I described above.
    I suspect that the trouble will turn out to lie in the conversion from pdf to mscz, but I'm afraid I can't really help - I use a computer as a glorified typewriter and have little idea what I'm really doing most of the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherry Cadenhead View Post
    I just joined the Discussion and Support Group. Is that the best one for issues like those in this thread?
    I have joined this group, posted a question and have received many helpful, and friendly, answers. Thanks, Dick Dery!

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    A couple of questions:

    – I have a staff of mandolin notation with a linked staff of mandolin tab below it. If I enter notes in the tab that are higher than the 10th fret on the E string, the centers of the notes in the notation display in a dark mustard color, while everything else in the notation is black. Anyone know why? These notes are well within the range of the instrument. How do I change them to black? I'm going to be printing this...

    – When you first open the program, it defaults to an empty score with a treble clef staff in 4/4 time. Is there a way to change this default score to say, a mandolin staff with a linked mandolin tab staff below it?


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    Look at this Musescore discussion- its to a linked mandolin template: download Mando linked staff and tab.mscz and it also points you to instructions on how to put it into your Musescore Template folder. Download the .mscz and put it in your templates folder. Then when you create a new score choose Custom Template. That will give you a linked mandolin tab below the staff.

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