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Thread: Sam knows all!!!

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    Sam Bush - the Original Tennessee Stud!
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    I do not think the mandolin sounded all that great, but sounded much like the budget mandolins I own. Of course it's all a matter of what sort of tone you like, but the warm, rich, woody sound I listen for was missing. I don't think you'll catch Sam picking one of those mandolins on a gig.

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    Have to concur. Sounds better than a budget mandolin, but not worth the asking price - $3000. Sam's a master, but if that's as good as he can make it sound ... Not that they're available anyway, so it's a moot point. Just as well - that headstock does less than nothing for me. And the "scroll" ... there's a thread for that.

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    Yeah but you could use it out by the campfire overnight as the temperature changes & it will stay in tune! Or as a canoe paddle!

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    A recording made in a living room and evaluated on a handheld device is certainly not ideal. But he’s a great player on anything.

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    I have #24; plays great & sounds better in person than the on-line recording from Sam. And I'm not going canoeing with it in the near future!

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