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Thread: Looking for Indiana Luthier

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    Default Looking for Indiana Luthier

    As the title says, looking for a competent luthier to do some fret work on my mando. I have searched to no avail. At jams too, there seems to be no one around. South Central Indiana.

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    Default Re: Looking for Indiana Luthier

    You could contact the Mandolin Society of Central Indiana. Their contacts: 317-216-3966 or

    Good luck with it.

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    Default Re: Looking for Indiana Luthier

    You might check with Tyler White - if he's not able to do it, he probably knows of someone in the area. He's in Bloomington.

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    +1 for Tyler White
    I have had him do a number of things for me on my mandolins.

    I purchased what I suspect to be a used Pango. It sounded OK, but after Tyler did a full set up it works and sounds quite nice.
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    Default Re: Looking for Indiana Luthier

    Are you including Indianapolis in "south / central?" Indy String Theory ( and Scott Campbell ( are both options, although maybe a little guitar-centric in their expertise.
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