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Thread: This is how Gibson looked to Czechs

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    Default This is how Gibson looked to Czechs

    Czech Lignatone catalogue page from 1960's.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: This is how Gibson looked to Czechs

    Looks like something got lost in translation.

    Have you ever seen the "Google Translate Songs" bit on The Tonight Show? Occasionally Jimmy Fallon and a guest will sing snippets of popular songs which have been google-translated into another language and then back to English. They sing the transformed lyrics while displaying captioned lyrics of both what they are singing and the original lyrics. Google "google translate songs Fallon" to see what happens. It's often hilarious. It seems like something similar happened here. The images bear little resemblance to the descriptions. Or anything else Gibsonian, for that matter.
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    Default Re: This is how Gibson looked to Czechs

    Back in the 1930s, the London dealers would get makers in Schonbach, Czechoslovakia, to make copies of the latest American developments. I have seen- but it cannot be found now, a Schonbach made absolutely faithful copy of the Gibson Nick Lucas Special. I have a guitar almost certainly made by Alfred Borst (Albo) that uses the key Nick Lucas dimensions but looks very different as it conforms to the style of the John Dallas brand of Martin Coletti "American Model Guitars." Here is the headstock of an Alfred Borst archtop that does not really mimic the Gibson inspiration apart from the inlay!

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    Default Re: This is how Gibson looked to Czechs

    Classic "Gilson" quality. Accept no substitutes.

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    Default Re: This is how Gibson looked to Czechs

    Later people got into bluegrass & used their centuries old violin making skills with out needing the foreign name..
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