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Thread: Interesting tenor/mandola builder

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    Default Interesting tenor/mandola builder

    Here’s a link for a builder selling on Etsy. A buddy of mine just bought one of his mandolas and it quite pleased with it. He said that he did a minor tweak to some areas of the finish after receiving his mandola but that otherwise it plays and sounds fine. He wanted a very wide neck and the builder was very happy to oblige. I have no financial interest - just passing along the link for anyone here seeking a cost effective option for a 4-string or prefers an off-the-beaten-path aesthetic. Apologies if this builder is already known to the cafe and I’m duplicating an existing thread.
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    It's hard for me to get excited by buying unseen when, if I want a decent reasonable tenor, there's hobgoblin music up the road from me. Interesting though!!
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