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Thread: Is It Possible to Fake It?

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    Default Re: Is It Possible to Fake It?

    Quote Originally Posted by JeffD View Post
    The advice they give professional actors - Don't cry. Make me cry.

    Make me sad with your playing and you have done the trick. Whether or not you have to be sad to do it is not as important. IMO

    As an aside, Mark, I do so enjoy butting heads with you, I think I am better for it, and the readership is much better for it.
    On that quote, though, just FYI, point is not that you have to be sad to do it … in fact, in that quote I was not writing at all about performing, Jeff, but about therapy. Using your instrument as a tool for therapy. Read that quote from that perspective and you may see the sense of it.
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    Default Re: Is It Possible to Fake It?

    Cafe Member Duuuude once took me to a Swing Jam just as it got going. The host called Misty—a song not known to me—and off we went. Started a solo using basic pentatonic moves and very soon realized the chords were headed into a chromatic decent; I could hear it/remember it from the head. So without any concern for the note I was currently playing, down the steps I went! Free of the harmonic constraints, I could now focus on playing that chromatic movement with energy and rhythm. I crushed it. "Thought you said you didn't know that song!" was the comment afterwards.

    Q: Did I fake it, or did I make it?

    Second Story: I just came back from Ocracoke Island and a week of gigs with the band. Friday night first set got me down about my playing. Felt like I was running through the motions playing the same old boring licks. Until break when the bassist (sit in for that night) and others complimented me on the sound. Turned out I was just bored with my own playing, and it sounded fresh as can be to the audience and other players. Needed to get out of my own head to hear things correctly.

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