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Thread: Gibson A-50 1939 - What do you think?

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    Default Gibson A-50 1939 - What do you think?

    I just bought this Mandolin;

    What do you guys think?
    To be honest Iím new to mandolin and this one just spoke to me so I just had to order it haha

    I paid 2000Ä, which seems to be a fair price since itís in such good condition.

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    Default Re: Gibson A-50 1939 - What do you think?

    That is a wide-body model. Hopefully it came with the case.
    "Bargain instruments are no bargains if you can't play them". These are the words of J. Garber.

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    Default Re: Gibson A-50 1939 - What do you think?

    It will arrive tomorrow, Iíll make sure to keep you updated.
    Would it be hard to find a proper case for a wide-body model after the fact?

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    Default Re: Gibson A-50 1939 - What do you think?

    You get the "Nick Lucas" inlays on the board with this model. I assume that the original celluloid pickguard began to rot- a common occurrence for Gibson mandolins of this era. My A50 is in a 1950s Gibson electric mandolin case which is a bit too wide for it- but I think that is just a little too slim for your mandolin being about 11 inches wide. I imagine that you will have to trek around a few music shops trying out hard cases to get something suitable to keep it in. It certainly looks really good in terms of its condition.

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    Default Re: Gibson A-50 1939 - What do you think?

    I've had many of these and a few were really great-one I had was the best, in tone and volume-its hit and miss with these! One can do some modifications to make them better. Your guard is a replica, those wide bodies are very prone to bass and treble F-hole cracks going both ways also! They have great necks I think. Cases for these are super hard to find! Vintage that is! I think they fit in some of those shaped F-5 cases?

    The tuners look to be off a late 40's F-5?

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