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Thread: Road trip music

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bren View Post
    I try not to listen to too much stuff that gets my mandolin fingers twitching.

    So my tracklist is all mixed up with reggae, straight ahead Scottish ceilidh bands, Greek music, obscure soul, sensitive singer-songwriter etc.

    Lately albums , mostly non-vocal, from the latter part of Dr John's recording career are favourites for driving or working.

    Duke Elegant
    In a Sentimental Mood
    Dr John plays Mac Rebennack
    Skat dat de dat

    But there are many great piano licks and melodies in there that would transfer to mandolin, so the twitching starts again ...
    Dr John Plays Mac Rebennack was one of the first CDs I got (moving out of my cassette period). I'm also with you on the reggae and Greek fronts (actually Cretan music in my case).

    Nowadays I tend to travel in silence, although we had a road trip with son Neil a couple of years ago and enjoyed listening to his playlist. It's quite nice to hear new things from someone else's perspective.

    I don't tend to listen to that much mandolin music in general, but I've always enjoyed David Surette's music. Just as good on mando as guitar, and also cittern.
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    Heading West across South Dakota and Wyo-Montana I found "Gallop Across Georgia" a surprising fit. Go figure.

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    Tim O´Brien: "The Crossing" and "Two Journeys".
    Markku Lepistö: "Silta"
    Listened to them on a roadtrip through Norway, very nice!
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    I always like to bring along The Who Live at Leeds, and Levon Helm's Electric Dirt. (Some mando in the latter.)


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    Plus one on the recommendation for Andrew Marlin's solo albums - particularly Fable & Fire. I'd add any of the albums that Cahalen Morrison and Eli West did together - some really fine mandolin playing by both those guys
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