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Thread: The Trout by Franz Schubert

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    Default The Trout by Franz Schubert

    I'm receiving excellent mandolin instruction from Wayne Fugate via Zoom ( My most recent homework assignment was to play a song entirely on one string. Wow, this really teaches you what notes are on what frets!! I chose "The Trout" by Franz Schubert for this exercise. The music was from an antique song book (c. 1928) from my good friend Berta B. The melody is played on one string only per Wayne's direction, but I played the harmony on multiple strings. Here is the link to the audio sample:

    I like this!!

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    Default Re: The Trout by Franz Schubert

    Back in the day, (I see that this is from a book dated 1928) people listened to, and could sing and play melodies from classical music. I'll include the 1817 version for comparison.

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