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Thread: Alder ribs?

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    Default Alder ribs?

    Anyone ever used alder for ribs? I was wondering how it bends. Seems like it should behave similarly to Cherry? I can only find electric instruments made from Alder online. I've used it once before, for a neck.
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    Default Re: Alder ribs?

    Much softer, easier to shape than cherry. Never tried to bend it.
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    Default Re: Alder ribs?

    Soft, easy to work, cheap, middle of the tonal spectrum. That is why Leo bought it back in the day for solidbodies. The lack of heavy figure makes it quite "bendable". Like everything, there is a range & there is a visual difference between quartersawn vs. flatsawn. I was quite fond of my old 1964 P bass made from it.

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    Default Re: Alder ribs?

    A friend in Sweden has made several alder ukuleles, and tells me it bends pretty easily.

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