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Thread: Porch Pride

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    Default Porch Pride

    It is with great sadness that I have to say farewell to the Cafe after twelve years of learning much and making good friends.
    The cafe has always maintained a politics-free environment, which I have appreciated. So it came as a shock to see "pride month" being promoted. My conscience as a Christian will not permit me to support anything that promotes the LGBT agenda.
    So thank you for 12 years of encouragement and fun.

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    Default Re: Porch Pride

    I swear I read that Jesus said to love everyone.
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    Default Re: Porch Pride

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Hypocrite.

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    Default Re: Porch Pride

    Ha, ha, Dude, I think it would be really good to leave this thread open as an example of the chaos out there!
    Long live safe spaces!

    I remember years ago, as a male mother, having to explain myself to certain women in the Mother’s Group,
    One woman’s response: ‘we’re a Mothers group, not a Parents group’.
    -it was the battle for the appropriation of ‘mother’ by different gender groups.

    YES! I support all excluded people.

    So, Dude, it appears that I am now supporting you too!
    -come back, or at least post one tune on our Song A Week Social Group, you’re always very welcome.

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    Default Re: Porch Pride

    Quote Originally Posted by Darren Bailey View Post
    ...My conscience as a Christian...
    Yeah, right.

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    Default Re: Porch Pride

    Regardless of one’s personal convictions, I have to agree with the viewpoint of an inappropriate political topic, especially as the headliner. “ Topics started for or end up being used to discuss religion, politics or sex as well as other hot button issues meant to create discord are prohibited.”

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    Default Re: Porch Pride

    Violates forum posting guidelines. Take it elsewhere.
    Last edited by Mandolin Cafe; Jun-18-2021 at 7:01am.

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    Default Re: Porch Pride

    Sorry to see you go but, I understand.
    Timothy F. Lewis
    "If brains was lard, that boy couldn't grease a very big skillet" J.D. Clampett

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