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Thread: The Celtic Mandolin - Tunes for June 2021

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    Default The Celtic Mandolin - Tunes for June 2021

    Hi Folks
    Here are the tunes I've posted during June. I'm continuing with Aird's tunes for a wee while yet as I'm short of time at the moment. I posted versions of these last year but I'm re-doing them a bit. I hope you find them interesting.

    Note that mandolin wizards might not find these very challenging, but I think they are colourful and lovely tunes and many intermediate players, if not beginners, will enjoy playing along with the audio tracks I supply. My theory is that you will learn a tune much more readily if you are able to play along with other instruments.

    Please note that you can find PDFs of the original Aird's books on the National Museum of Scotland website.

    Wk 33 The Fyket
    The Traditional Tune Archive suggests that this is a strathspey but I play it as reel. I've taught this one to a small group of four mandolins and it works well when everyone is synchronised. There are three extra parts for mandolins.

    Wk 34 Old Plantation Girls
    Probably refers to slave girls working on American plantations. In Aird's the title includes 'Virginia' as if that's where the tune originated. Approriately melancoly.

    (Wk 35 Lord Glencairn's Quickstep - will do it asap)

    Wk 36 Quickstep 32nd Regiment
    'Regiments'' are, shall we say, not my cup of tea, but they have some good tunes. I recall reading that many of the military marching tunes in Aird's are actually from Cornwall. Not sure if that's true.

    Wk 36 The Parson in the Suds
    Another (slightly) revised Aird's tune from last year. Lovely wee English dance tune that might be played a bit faster than this. First published in 1751.
    Also appears to, be called 'The Devil in the Bush'.

    Enjoy, and if you do let me know how you get on.

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    Default Re: The Celtic Mandolin - Tunes for June 2021

    I recently did The Parson In The Suds and enjoyed that one completely. Thank you for all your hard work! Your website is an incredible resource.

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