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Thread: The Loar Lifetime vs 5 Year Warranty

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    Hey friends, just curious - I have heard for years and years about the industry leading limited lifetime warranty on The Loar mandolins and still see that referenced on many online stores when researching The Loar mandolins…however their own website states that it is a 5 year limited warranty. Does anyone know if this has recently changed or why there would be a discrepancy in what the actual warranty is between their site and most others such as TMS etc.? Wondering if maybe their lifetime warranty was causing any excessive claims and recently changed or if it has always been 5 years. Thanks for your thoughts!

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    Default Re: The Loar Lifetime vs 5 Year Warranty

    My understanding is a 5 year warranty.
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    Website says 5 year limited warranty. The industry is moving in this direction for many reasons (all of them financial). Inexpensive and moderate-price instruments do not return enough profit to make a lifetime warranty workable financially, and boutique instruments are necessarily built lightly enough that some maintenance, like neck resets, becomes inevitable as they remain in service for decade upon decade. Like good violins, good mandolins get adjusted and maintained continuously, so the idea of a standard sort of product warranty, long-term, may be desirable, but unrealistic for the maker. 5 years seems reasonable, though of course "lifetime" is way better -- for the owner.

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