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Thread: Eastman "CLA" meaning

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    Was looking at a couple Eastman models, and a couple had a "CLA" after it, for instance MD-314-CLA. What does the CLA signify in comparison to the base model?

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    As far as I'm aware, CLA is just the type of finish (maybe stands for "classic"?). You can see it specified on the Eastman website - it's the more natural looking "stained wood" type finish they offer. Some models don't have options, for example the 315 only comes in this variant (and it's a satin finish, for what that's worth).

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    If you’re interested in Eastman you could speak with a dealer. Many of the businesses that support the cafe sell Eastman. My 2003 615 continues to serve me well. They’re great instruments for the price. Though they are plain, the mandos in the 300 series look like good value.
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    It is their reddish brown solid color (classic). The other choice, when they offer a choice, is SB, meaning sunburst.

    Look at the MD 805 on this page:

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    The matt Eastman finish will gloss up anywhere you regularly touch the instrument while playing. My 315's doing it where my shirt/jacket cuff rubs on the top behind the bridge. That doesn't bother me at all, it just shows I've actually played it rather than just hung it on the wall. Some people give them a rub (with finest grade wire wool?) to produce a soft gloss finish, but I like it the way it is.

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