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Thread: How to blend/smooth transition of nitro to bare wood

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    Default How to blend/smooth transition of nitro to bare wood

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ID:	195312Hi,

    I’m trying to fix some nitro that is flaking off of my Collings MT2. I have successfully scraped off all of the old nitro where a usual speed neck would be. The transition from bare wood to nitro is ugly and pronounced though.

    I have an appointment with a well known luthier in January for the neck to be professionally speed necked but in the interim is there a way to smooth the transition from nitro to bare wood? I’m also thinking of using a coat or two of true oil to protect the wood in the interim. I hope that’s ok.

    (The picture was before scraping, but it’s still a defined abrupt “line”.

    Thanks for the input.

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    Default Re: How to blend/smooth transition of nitro to bare wood

    You could lightly sand it to feather the finish. I would check with whomever is going to do the speed neck before applying any finish.

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    Default Re: How to blend/smooth transition of nitro to bare wood

    My opinion - deal with it until January. You'll probably make it difficult for the speed neck to be done as nicely as possible if you mess with it too much.

    If you really feel like you need to do something, you should put a piece of low-tack painter's masking tape over where the wood is mostly bare, to prevent accidentally sanding too much of the already-bare wood area.
    Then, sand the transition with a nail buff, start with the medium grit which is around 1200 grit, and slowly work your way up to the polishing grade. You'll probably have to buy a new one for the woman in your life after you steal hers, haha.

    I use Micro-Mesh, which is very similar to this nail buff, just more expensive to purchase if you only need a little bit.

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