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Thread: Case for APC Portuguese Bouzouki

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    Hey guys. My APC 305 bouzouki just came in today. Super excited. The 2 month wait for my first zouk was worth it. It deserves a better case tho. I bought the cheapo case with it because I needed something for it and didnt want to shell out for the good case at the time of ordering. But the cheapo case is possibly worse than I expected haha. They sell a good version but its over 100 euro and shipping will be a lot. So I'd like to find something cheaper if I can that will still be satisfactory.

    I know for a lot of other zouks banjo cases work. But the APC Portuguese model has a larger body, so I'm assuming it wont fit most banjo cases. Do any of you know of some decent cases that would fit?

    I like a semi rigid gig bag. I have one for my acoustic guitar and am really happy with it. Its rigid enough that my instrument feels well protected from anything reasonable. I feel like its better than a low end hard case which is just a hard shell with no padding. I'm hoping to find something like it for my Zouk, around the $50-80 range. Thanks for any info.

    My zouk for measurments

    The kind of thing I'm looking for

    My acoustic case for reference

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    Oh as a note my body width is 15 in, and around 15 in height. Didnt realize that dimensions not on the folkreps page when I posted last night.

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