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Thread: TAB glissandos and Jessamyn's Reel

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    Default TAB glissandos and Jessamyn's Reel

    I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a correct procedure for notating glissandos in TAB? In music notation I write a slur as well as a glissando line if the note that I slide to is not to be struck and no line if the note requires a fresh attack with the pick. This is useful as it differentiates between the two kinds of slide. Is there a similar convention in TAB? If so, I have not seen it; it would be interesting to know what people think.

    This transcription of the reel is from Chris Thile's Deceiver recording. I have tried to write exactly what he plays although I am pretty sure the fingering is not always what he does. For example: I expect that he goes into a higher position in bar 7, whereas I like to play it in first position. My goal with the tab is to suggest fingering but not voice parts and rhythm. Any comments on this approach would be greatly appreciated.
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