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    Howdy Folks,
    I was wondering if there are any pickers hanging around West Michigan? Looking to move there later this year and am hoping to hook up with some folks when I get there. What's the acoustic scene like there?


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    Pretty active acoustic music scene in Southwest Michigan. Includes a lot centered around Kalamazoo, Brian Oberlin out of Grand Rapids, Wheatland music festival in September in Remus, also stream Grassroots on WMUK Saturday evening and Sunday morning for more info and events.

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    Nice, thanks for the tip! Out here in Colorado there are quite a few picks that happen at breweries and bars. Is there anything like that out there? Any Facebook groups to keep informed on happenings like that?

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    There used to be quite a few saloon gatherings pre Covid but, it’s been very slow coming back around here in Kalamazoo. What is bringing you to SW Michigan?
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    There is a West Michigan Bluegrass Association, I'm not sure if they have a Facebook page or not. I know they have a small festival the 10th and 11th of September. They have Jams in the Winter months, I've not been to one so really don't know what they are like.

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    West Michigan? As in Ironwood? “West” covers a lot of territory in Michigan.

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    Hey folks, just wanted to bump this thread and see if anyone knew of anything happening near the Bridgman area or SW Michigan in general. Spend a few weekends there over the summer and would like to meet some new people to pick with.

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