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    Hi all,

    I just bought my first vintage mandolin, a 1921 Gibson F2. It's a player's instrument. The fretboard was replaced at some point. The current frets are in need of replacement. I think it needs a new nut and possibly a new or repaired bridge. It's beautiful and playable, but it could use some work. Any recommendations for a good luthier near the Twin Cities?

    Thank you for any advice.


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    Anybody at St Paul Guitar Repair will be able to help you. Kevin Schwab still does repairs there and has done all of my work for the last few years. Ron and Michelle are excellent also. They used to be the "staff" at Hoffman and did all of the repairs forever. Something happened with Hoffman and they left all at one time and started their own shop. Great folks.

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    Thank you. I wondered about them. This is very helpful.

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    If you do not mind shipping, you might consider Danny Roberts in Nashville. Check him out on FB--he demonstrates a lot of the mandolins he has tuned up.
    Russ Jordan

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    Thanks for the suggestion, Russ. Appreciate it.


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