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Thread: The Celtic Mandolin - Tunes for July 2021

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    Hi Folks

    Sorry about the late posting. I'm too old to be working on a building site, but I am, albeit one of my own making - and I can only get to a computer at weekends so things can get a bit rushed. The tunes for July are listed below. This is the last (for now) of the Aird's tunes. Later in the Autumn I'll maybe try to make a better full recording of the Aird's tunes - and put some into sets. Apart from Glencairn's Quickstep these are revised versions of a few Aird's tunes I posted early last year.

    Wk 38 The Amorous Goddess
    Lovely wee tune. I wonder who she was?

    Wk 39 The Whipman Laddie

    I love this tune. Thanks to EC for the whistle.

    Wk 40 Lord Kellys Reel
    Not played at the breakneck speed much of our trad music is played at. A lot of these tunes gain a little elegance by slowing things down a bit.

    Wk 35 Lord Glencairn's Quickstep
    March or Polka? Whatever, it's lively wee tune, as are many of these quicksteps. Thanks to my old pal Kenny for his spoons playing. (! Definitely not the dodgy .com site)

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