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Thread: GDAE Saddle for Kala KA-GTR

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    Default GDAE Saddle for Kala KA-GTR

    I've seen that these need a new saddle to properly intonate GDAE. Does anyone make one or is this an in-person luthier job exclusively? Thanks!

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    Default Re: GDAE Saddle for Kala KA-GTR

    After you switch to GDAE tuning, check your intonation and if it is noticeably off you will need to have the saddle compensated by a professional or watch a lot of videos and try it yourself.

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    Default Re: GDAE Saddle for Kala KA-GTR

    I don't know if you really need to compensate the nut. You may just have to deepen the grooves for the heavier strings. It might not take too much just a few deft strokes of the proper file. However, I agree to see first if you need anything. I restrung a quality handmade tenor guitar to GDAE octave tuning and didn't really need to do anything.

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