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Thread: 2021 CMSA Convention in San Diego Cancelled

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    Default 2021 CMSA Convention in San Diego Cancelled

    But not for all the reasons one might think. This via their mailing list:

    We know that many of you have been eagerly awaiting the opening of registration for our annual convention in San Diego this fall, and we apologize for the lengthy delay in providing you with an update. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been grappling with an urgent situation. Earlier this spring, the Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Diego signed a twelve-month contract to provide services to the U.S. Government, effectively canceling CMSA’s pre-existing contract to hold our 2021 Convention. But they didn’t bother to tell us this information until the very end of June.

    Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “How-To” manual that advises a small non-profit society on how to relocate a convention, on short notice, during a pandemic! We worked frantically for several weeks to try to secure an alternate venue, however, for a variety of reasons that would take too long to explain here, we were unable to turn the situation around in our favor. As a result, we’ve had to cancel the ‘in-person’ 2021 Convention in San Diego.

    Going forward, the board is now engaged in developing a fully virtual convention, also scheduled for November. We have guest artists and workshop leaders ready to go, and we’re working hard to open online registration in a few weeks’ time. Please stay tuned for more announcements soon!

    Susan McLaughlin & Sue Lesser
    Co-Presidents, CMSA

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    Default Re: 2021 CMSA Convention in San Diego Cancelled

    Thanks for the 'head's up'.

    I don't understand how a contract could be broken so easily by the Crown Plaza Hotel.

    The good news, if you could call it that, is that an online meeting offers an opportunity to attend. (I had doubt's about flying to California from Minnesota, and decided not to attend).

    I'm gonna sign up. And I encourage others to support the CMSA in the same fashion.
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    Default Re: 2021 CMSA Convention in San Diego Cancelled

    Wow. Disappointing on the one hand. Looking forward to ease of access on the other.

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    Default Re: 2021 CMSA Convention in San Diego Cancelled

    You should all know that last year's virtual event was surprisingly successful and well organized. I am disappointed, but I know the people who run this organization as well as some of the guest artists; they will provide a great experience for all of us.

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    Default Re: 2021 CMSA Convention in San Diego Cancelled

    Well rats. I was hoping to go.

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    Default Re: 2021 CMSA Convention in San Diego Cancelled

    I agree that this is disappointing. I know that the San Diego folks have put so much work into preparation and several great events were planned. (The Rudy Cipolla celebration comes first to mind.)

    Having the venue pull out of its agreement is not something that could easily have been remedied, even with more time to work on it. However, with Covid cases continuing to rise at a ridiculous rate it might have saved the CMSA Board from having to execute a last minute cancellation anyway.

    The really good news is that last year's convention in the cloud was an extraordinarily good example of a successful virtual event. Missing the in person contact is tough but the plus side is that attendance is much more accessible to players who can't easily afford travel and lodging costs. Also it makes it easier for players with a casual interest to be exposed to some great workshops and concerts at a much lower financial risk.

    I know that the cost and Covid had me on the fence about traveling to San Diego but now I will be an early registrant for the 2021 virtual Convention. I look forward to seeing what the Board has in store for us all this time.

    John G.

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    Default Re: 2021 CMSA Convention in San Diego Cancelled

    Sorry to hear that, but with COVID cases going up and travel costs as well, I was unlikely to make it to San Diego, so this means I can attend this year's convention. Looking forward to another fine virtual convention and to eventually being able to gather in person once more.


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