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    Hey All,
    I have a mid 50’s Kay K-37T archtop. I’d like to get a hard shell case for it. Does anyone know of a model that will fit this old girl?

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    It is a 15 1/2” Archtop hollow body with a, I believe, 24” scale.

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    Place an Add, this is the forum

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    Yeah, no kidding. I’m asking for advice on what cases might fit my guitar…thanks for your help.

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    This Reverb listing is for a 6 string Kay K-37 archtop but they describe the measurements. Longer scale but likely the body is exactly the same. It is sold but they offered to supply a case. Maybe you can see if they have info on what they supplied or perhaps the dealer would have suggestions?

    Other than someone here who has that same guitar or actually taking the guitar to a local dealer with lots of cases I imagine calling one of the bigger online dealers like Elderly and talking to someone there might be a solution.

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    I had one of these last year through the shop, and the seller included a case which turned out to be a Dreadnought case. It was pretty oversized! The body on these Kays are the exact same bodies as a 15 1/2” archtop 6 string, so any case that works for one of those will work for this.


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    I sorta went through this with a Harmony tenor. Because of the depth at the bridge you're looking at a very large case.

    My Harmony fit perfectly (except for the short neck) the case I have for my The Loar archtop (I got it from them at their NAMM booth) which is very big and made by Guardian.

    The other alternative is go with the feather light case. Again you're looking at the largest because of the bridge.

    So perhaps find out the model The Loar uses, feather light or hard, and that should work for your Kay. | oKee.ComX

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    Thanks for the leads. This is great info!

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