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Thread: Left hand exercise keeping one finger stationary

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    Smile Left hand exercise keeping one finger stationary

    Hey all,
    I want to find a video that shows me this left-hand exercise where you keep one finger stationary while fretting with the other fingers up and down the neck.

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    I am not sure what exercise you are talking about. You may be referring to Dounis exercises for violin? Here are a couple including the Dounis and Simon Fisher but I could only find it for violin. (You can find the notated versions of these.)

    I would also look at Mike Marshall's Fingerbusters (there is a book) video:

    And there is this one from Anthony Hannigan:

    I am not sure that those help but maybe tell us more specifically what you are looking for.

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    You could also try Schradieck's School of Violin Technics. I haven't even gotten past the first page and it's made my left-hand technique so much better!
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    I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for but I wanted to suggest something different…I play Old Joe Clark sometimes with my index finger holding down the 2 string A chord while fretting the melody with my other 3 fingers…any simple tune in A, D, maybe E could work.

    For me it’s fun to do rather than a dry exercise type thing…not that there’s anything wrong with those - I do scales and such all the time but do this for a little variation and fun.
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