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Thread: Looking for something darker and throatier

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    Default Re: Looking for something darker and throatier

    Quote Originally Posted by jdchapman View Post
    I like trying different builders, but I do recognize that small shops can make lots of different voices.
    Hey Josh,

    Like several here, “dark and throaty” made me think of an Ellis A5 or even an oval. But if you’re committed to an F5, then I’d look for a small builder who is under the radar and then tinker with setup, strings, picks, and technique. One that caught my eye is Craig Wilson, who I understand to be an accomplished picker and former Loar owner who seems to know what he’s doing:

    One of his F5’s is on consignment at Elderly:

    Let me know what you think!

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    Default Re: Looking for something darker and throatier

    I Will have the pleasure of test driving Craig's WA-5 "Griffith" model in the coming days.
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    Default Re: Looking for something darker and throatier

    There aught to be a fiddle tune called "Dark and Throaty". I would learn it.
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