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    Default Goodwill Gibson
    Assume the relevant folk already know - up above $400, condition unknown, photos unrevealing. Betcha it goes right up to best retail.

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    Default Re: Goodwill Gibson

    has the usual non informative return policy

    Merchandise is sold As Is. Returns will only be accepted with prior authorization and under the terms stated in this Return Policy yadda yadda
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    Default Re: Goodwill Gibson

    That is a snakehead A-2. Worn. Tailpiece, bridge, and tuners appear to be original. Might only need strings, or, might need a lot of work to get it playable.
    It appears to be an ok buy if it stays low. But potential buyers should heed these words in the description: " . . . probably in need of restoration."
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    Default Re: Goodwill Gibson

    It hit $1900 ... I would say that is a little below market, so it could be a decent buy if there is nothing wrong with it. On the other hand, there's not a lot of room for error if there turns out to be a problem.

    The recent trend for Shopgoodwill Gibsons has been at or above market prices.
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    Default Re: Goodwill Gibson

    worm-over tuners, maple back, unlikely to come with a case.

    I'd think it a nice mandolin; however.

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