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Thread: Donal Lunny's Coast River

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    Default Donal Lunny's Coast River

    Coast River by Donal Lunny, One of my all time favorite tunes, I was lucky enough to find the notation on The (thank you Dr. Dow).

    Here's my attempt using a Weber Gallatin Octave tuned AEAE ( doubled)
    a Macica F5 on the melody
    a Weber Yellowstone Mandola running counterpoint
    a Rigel G110, doubling on the melody
    a Weber Black Ice Octave - fattening up the melody.

    I really like the sound of the Gallatin using the zouk tuning.

    "Mean Old Timer, He's got grey hair, Mean Old Timer he just don't care
    Got no compassion, thinks its a sin
    All he does is sit around an play the Mandolin"

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