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Thread: Pickup for Northfield Octave - Big Twin?

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    Default Pickup for Northfield Octave - Big Twin?

    I have a Northfield Octave heading my way. I need to install a pickup because I play at church and that's what the sound person likes. I have used a couple K&K Mini Twins for my regular mandolins and have been happy with the way they sound. But, I'm thinking that the cables will not be long enough for an octave.

    Should I install a K&K Big Twin? It has much longer cables but it's designed for guitar frequencies....thoughts?
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    Default Re: Pickup for Northfield Octave - Big Twin?

    I had Northfield install a K&K pickup in my flat top octave when I purchased it. They just called it a Twin and I don't know enough about pickups to tell you any better than that.
    Shoot Derek an email or call and I'm sure he can tell you what would be best!
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