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2004 Gibson F-5 Master Model Varnish Used

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Vendor: Gibson
Type: Instruments
Price: 12000.00
Second label signed (initialed) by Charlie Derrington and dated 4/27/2004.
We know this mandolin well, as Gryphon sold it for the original owner back in 2013. That guy was a pretty serious player, and it sold to another serious player who had the end of the fingerboard scooped. Now it's for sale once more, as often happens with instruments in this value range for a variety of reasons. The second owner also had finish on the barrel of the neck removed up to the 9th fret, giving it a "speed neck" finish. As you can see from the photos, this Master Model has been played, and since the varnish is softer than lacquer there are little finish nicks to the curl, around the bridge feet, with some shirt-button squiggles to the finish on the back. There is some fret wear to the original frets, mostly under the A & E strings up to about the 5th fret. No cracks, no other repairs than noted above. The original case has a letter from Gibson explaining that Charlie Derrington frequently signed the labels on these Master Models with just his "C D" initials.