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2020 Northfield A52 Special Mandolin Used

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Vendor: Northfield
Type: Instruments
Price: 3000.00
Just barely used, this A5 Special was recently purchased from a West Coast Northfield dealer but wound up here for sale as the buyer found the neck width and shape a tad too different from his favorite old Gibson. The spirit varnish is more delicate than lacquer, there are a few tiny marks to the top but no other signs of use. Northfield calls this color "Icelandic brown," and it's a lovely rich shade, but Gibson called a similar color "Sheraton brown," a popular color with period mahogany furniture back in the day.
The Northfield A5 Special is aptly named, as it is indeed a special instrument. This is Northfield’s first A-style mandolin and it has all of the sonic power and attention to cosmetic detail that we have come to expect from them. This mandolin has a couple of unique features that set it apart from their Standard Series. It has a hand-carved master grade Italian spruce top that is paired with nicely figured sugar maple back and sides. It also has a spirit varnish finish, a thin finish that many players feel allows the wood to vibrate more freely. This is a wonderful sounding mandolin with a chop that is powerful enough to drive a bluegrass band but it still has a sweet tone that works well for jazz or Celtic styles.