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Thread: TI Single Strings

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    Default TI Single Strings

    Does anyone know of a source to get individual TI strings? Particularly I am looking for strings in the 174 (mandola) set. Thanks for any leads.

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    Default Re: TI Single Strings

    Don’t know about singles, but I have a complete set of 174s I can’t use. Bought them by mistake for my OM. PM me, if you’re interested. I’ll make you a good deal.

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    Default Re: TI Single Strings

    I think strings and beyond or just strings sell singles. Might have to contact them for mandola strings though.
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    Default Re: TI Single Strings

    Just Strings -

    Recently got some spare Stark E for my Coombe.

    (Update) - sorry missed the need for mandola. These appear to be just mandolin. You might email them and see if they have spares.

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