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Thread: I want my chops back

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    Default I want my chops back

    Spent the last 16 months doing nothing but riding my bike.No Gigs, No Jams. No point. Got crazy fit but also crazy.
    Old music friend came over. We got drunk. We got high. We jammed. I sucked.
    Rang my bell. Now practicing like hell. I want my chops back!

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    Default Re: I want my chops back

    Well ..... getting into good physical condition will assist your body in getting back to playing better. Be patient, play daily pace your chops recovery. It won't take as long as you think. R/
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    Default Re: I want my chops back

    Don't ever practice. Practice is what your piano teacher made you do at age 10, and you hated it.

    Just spend a lot of time playing. It's called "playing" music, not "working" music -- for a reason.
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    Default Re: I want my chops back

    Maybe you were disapointed because you were stoned and drunk? But yea I hear ya, if I let my playing go for awhile, I really notice a difference.

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    Default Re: I want my chops back

    Been there, done that. Just gotta play more!

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    Default Re: I want my chops back

    Turn off your computer and start playing your mandolin!

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    Default Re: I want my chops back

    Perhaps you saw this thread and took too much of it to heart, on face value, rather than embracing the irony and sarcasm woven through many of the posts.

    I like what Allen said - spend time playing, not practicing. Well, both, if they coincide. But relax, and have fun. Enjoying spending time with your mandolin will help immensely.
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