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Thread: Fauré, Piazzolla, Sydeman recordings

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    Default Fauré, Piazzolla, Sydeman recordings

    Hi folks, I put up a three new recordings on my little classical mando site today. Two 20th century compositions ("Treble Quartet" and "Oblivion") and a romantic piece arranged for twelve flutes, heard here on twelve mandolins. No video, as I have to piece them together as time permits, and don't have the wherewithal to add that complication to the process. Still, I hope you enjoy them!
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    Default Re: Fauré, Piazzolla, Sydeman recordings

    Beautiful selections & playing.
    Glad to see you're keeping busy Maestro; hope I'll see you in some of the CMSA Convention sessions.

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    Default Re: Fauré, Piazzolla, Sydeman recordings

    Thanks for posting these.

    I really enjoyed listening to them!

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