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Thread: Is this a Washburn? Or.?

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    Default Is this a Washburn? Or.?

    I have searched images for this Bowlback (also have a flat back) with this headstock. No luck on the inter webs.
    Appreciate any input to help identify.
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    Default Re: Is this a Washburn? Or.?

    Headstock almost resembles a worn Stella though I am not sure that is what it is. Not a Washburn. BTW in the last bowlback photo there is no way that bridge is positioned correctly to play anywhere in tune.

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    Default Re: Is this a Washburn? Or.?

    Thanks for the input. They both seem to have attributes of a couple brands. Appreciate your expertise! Ill continue to search.
    (The Bowlback was hastily photographed after ultra lights were put on. Ill certainly position it when its tuned. Good eye!)

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    Default Re: Is this a Washburn? Or.?

    A Stella bowl back.

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Name:	Stella Bowlback #2-Back.jpg 
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    Default Re: Is this a Washburn? Or.?

    Thanks! I can sleep tonight.

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    Default Re: Is this a Washburn? Or.?

    The pickguard on the flat back would point it towards Oscar Schmidt. They owned the Stella brand name at that time. It may not have been branded Stella and was probably made for the trade with no markings at all.
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    Default Re: Is this a Washburn? Or.?

    It may have once been branded like this OS made Victoria featured in Jake Wildwood's site. The logo could easily be erased by time. I think this mandolin is a little older than Jake suggests judging by those brass tuners but that's not important.

    Here is one with the same tuners as yours and also with a classic OS headstock shape. I posted this up in the eBay "Mandolins that will not sell" thread and it's still on eBay quite a few months on. I can't think why! Interesting (homemade?) tailpiece but not worth the price of entry...

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