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Thread: Music Nomad diamond nut files

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    Default Music Nomad diamond nut files

    Does anyone here have experience using the new Music Nomad diamond nut files? They are about 1/4 the price of the SM set.

    Almost every diamond coated tool I have ever seen is a very affordable rebadged Chinese made common file that can be found on Epay for under $12 if you know the correct wording, but so far I have not been able to locate these.

    As an example, the very popular SM diamond fret crowning file is simple and common $10-$26 Japanese fish hook file. If you pull back the rubber handle coating, you can see the brand stamp. I have a drawer full of different sizes for instruments and also a few in a tackle box.....Instead of buying a $200+ Tormek sharpening wheel + the $700 Tormek motor setup, I paid $11 and bought what looks like a diamond coated circular sawblade and mounted it on my lathe. 'Works great!

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    “Diamond round shaper files” is one search string. Jewelers and model makers, and just found there are electrical uses for these. Constant diameter. Most are like needle files, that is, not supported like those you found at Music Nomad, and seem to bottom at .030”. Also look for ‘escapement file’ which are skinnier taper steel needles.
    The Nomad files look nice, and come in two grits, but I’m not sure they polish as advertised. The scratches though would all be in the right direction.
    Would files with a depth stop at half diameter be worth the trouble?

    I’d guess that a factory would use a fixed setup with 8 wheels, but that's just a guess.

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