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Thread: What brand mandolin is this?

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    Default What brand mandolin is this?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: What brand mandolin is this?

    That is the "Yorkville" model built by Oliver Apitius.

    A bunch of stuff with four strings

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    Default Re: What brand mandolin is this?

    Oliver is one heck of a builder! Not to mention a super great guy! I'm happy with my LS Custom Rosine F-5 I had him build-it was well worth the wait "and the wait wasn't bad, maybe a year and a half after we nailed down specs?" It was real fun picking out the wood and describing on what I was looking for in the tonal quality dept.! I had him mis-match the top like on some Loars "wider grain on bass side and fine grain on treble" He said that was a first for him to build a top like that! Oliver was very pleasant to speak with on the phone and very knowledgeable about any and all ?'s I had for him!

    I love all my Vintage Gibson Mandolins and the newer ones I've had but I wanted to give a one man Luthier the business. David Harvey is a great friend of mine and I'll get one of his sig. MM eventually or an oddity special he's had his hands in, There's a few other one man shops I'd love to be able to get "well way more than a few"-John Hamlett is another great builder-he's done some great repair work for me at super reasonable prices! He had an awesome A-5 build I checked out at the last Loar Fest! My Uncle Gene Johnson really liked the A also! Ya have to love Gils' work! Paul Duff builds some gnarly looking and sounding horns as well Ok I got stop-way too many killer builders these days-its almost like going to the grocery store, ya have 50 of the same thing but under different brands! We are living in some pretty special times as far as instrument builders go!

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    Default Re: What brand mandolin is this?

    Aaron Weinstein demos his:

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    Default Re: What brand mandolin is this?

    Quote Originally Posted by NickR View Post
    I think that is Aaron. Just with his head cut off. Ouch! When I met him he was playing a Red Diamond.

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    Default Re: What brand mandolin is this?

    Jim, I thought the bow tie was a giveaway for Aaron! He's an amazing musician, I forwarded some videos of him to a friend who is the guitar tutor at a very famous music school. He wants to invite top players when they are over to pay a visit and talk to the prodigies. John Jorgenson expressed an interest in visiting a number of years ago but he has not been over- or very little since then.

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