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Thread: Gretsch 9350 Park Lane - opinions please?

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    Default Gretsch 9350 Park Lane - opinions please?

    Anyone got any playing/sound opinions about the Gretsch 9350 Park Lane? I'm considering whether to put it on my list of affordable mandolins to watch for. There aren't many YouTubes of this one around - but those there are appear to make it sound loud and clangy - is that fair? It's a Chinese made oval hole F style that's more restrained in docoration than many. Later ones at least are allegedly all 'solid wood', but those YouTubes tend to make it sound like solid plywood

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    Default Re: Gretsch 9350 Park Lane - opinions please?

    I haven't played one, but you'll probably get more tone for your money with an A style. I recently got an Eastman 505CC in trade, and I was really surprised at how good it sounds.
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    Default Re: Gretsch 9350 Park Lane - opinions please?

    I was in a Guitar Center near me that had this Gretsch and a Rogue mandolin hanging on the wall. The Rogue sounded and played better.
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