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    This old circa 1920s tenor is for sale in the UK and it looks to me that the action is very high. There was a thread here about one branded Jetel and that mentioned the cleats on the back which is replicated here and makes me think they were original to the build. I can't tell if the tailpiece has a problem or just the strings hanging out. The thread I will post had a suggestion that it is a Regal build but my opinion, is that it is a Regal knock off. I have a European tenor guitar sold by Windsor in the UK that is clearly influenced by the Epiphone Recording series tenor guitar and copying US made instruments was commonplace.

    Earlier thread:

    Perhaps, one of the UK members might like to buy it but it is collection only from London- the code suggestions somewhere like Tooting but that will keep the price down a bit.

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    Cleats on the back feature on a 19thC 6 string luthier built guitar we have, which is a maple bodied 'moustache bridge' parlour style made in France. Something about the thread guitar cleats look to me like a repair to hold the back halves together - from the photos they look close together, different sizes and kind of clumsy.

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    Sold for 83. As for being able to buy it, the return rail fare from these parts to London is over 300 so I always treat London as a different country. It’s usually cheaper to fly to the rest of Europe.

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