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    Default Doyle Lawson

    This happened last night at the Station Inn:

    I believe this is the mandolin presented to Doyle:

    Congratulations to Doyle on his well deserved retirement!!
    Russ Jordan

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    Default Re: Doyle Lawson

    It is amazing what you take for granted. Seeing and hearing Doyle Lawson at festival after festival over the years was almost common place. Wow, as he winds down this last year, it's hard to imagine that there want be any more Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver. Happy retirement and thanks for al the great music and shows over the years.


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    Yep. "Soundtrack of my life", Harvey said. Spot on.
    Doyle Lawson has been the hands-down most popular bluegrass artist of the past 40+ years in the south Mississippi area. I can't begin to count how many of his shows I've seen since the mid-70s. I saw about three songs worth last month in Athens, AL before the bottom fell out of the clouds. If I'd known he was hanging it up, I'da sat right there in the rain.

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