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Thread: Free Mandolin Tabs

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    Default Free Mandolin Tabs

    <spam posting>
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    Default Re: Free Mandolin Tabs

    I disagree, these are not tablature, they’re a handful of lyric sheets and the site is laden with ads …
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    Default Re: Free Mandolin Tabs

    Hereís an example of a social project where people got together to help get the music out there.
    Itís a page of historic music documents in .abc format that can be converted to TAB (tablature) using
    The village Music Project

    Very simple, and there are some great tunes, even from the seventh century.

    (And the twentieth century. What do we have? )

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    Default Re: Free Mandolin Tabs

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainMet View Post
    A whole bunch of <spam>
    I clicked through on a few random songs. None had TAB, just chord sheets.
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