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Thread: Kentucky KM-276 (or KM-270 or KM-272) case question

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    Default Kentucky KM-276 (or KM-270 or KM-272) case question

    Good morning everyone,
    I'm looking for a case for my daughter's KM-276. I tried using my Bobelock Arrow, but it didn't fit well...looked like the body was too long?
    Anyone have any luck with the Superior fiberglass? or the Crossrock fiberglass?
    She'd like something that she can put stickers on (which is why she liked my Bobelock). It fits in Featherweight, but she doesn't care for it. (Neither do I, too much zippering for my taste.)

    Barring the fiberglass options, what are you keeping your KM-27* in?

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    Default Re: Kentucky KM-276 (or KM-270 or KM-272) case question

    I have a KM-250. Assuming it's the same size as the 276, it fits well in one of these ABS hard cases:

    It's compact - in fact so compact you won't get a set of strings in there without taking them out the packet. It doesn't have straps, but you could cover it with stickers - good idea in fact, so you know which one is yours.
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