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Thread: Luigi Paparello, "Bells of Night" for Unaccompanied Mandocello

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    Default Luigi Paparello, "Bells of Night" for Unaccompanied Mandocello

    In his 1913 method for mandocello, Zarh Myron Bickford briefly discussed unaccompanied performance on the instrument which, he noted "at the present time, is to a great extent an unexplored field." He suggested that the style that might be "most effective" on the mandocello "is that in which the melody alone is carried with the tremolo, a sort of harmonic or 'harmony' accompaniment being carried on the lower strings by the use of single down strokes." In that spirit, here is a performance of my arrangement of Luigi Paparello's "Bells of Night" for mandocello, transposed down an octave and a fifth from the original for mandolin. "Bells" was first published around WWI and later made famous by Paparello's student, Homo Freierman, better known as Howard Frye.

    Robert A. Margo

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