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Thread: Chris Thile on BBC Radio 3 February 26

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    Default Chris Thile on BBC Radio 3 February 26

    For those who can receive it (and on the BBC Sounds app thereafter) on Saturday February 26th, 13.00 - 15.00, two hours of Chris Thile on the Inside Music show:

    "Mandolinist Chris Thile travels from Bach to bluegrass.

    Mandolinist, singer and composer Chris Thile, known for his genre-defying approach, shares an insight into the eclectic sound worlds that inspire him. He finds delight in the technical prowess of Glenn Gould, is pulled in by the powerful tides of a Benjamin Britten opera, and explores the improvisational - and spiritual - musings of John Coltrane.

    In a celebration of folk music’s many forms, Chris also shares a track from ‘father of bluegrass’ Bill Monroe, unpacks a visceral Bartók recording, and tunes in to the rich fiddle playing traditions of Scandinavia."
    mainly Irish & Scottish but open to all dance-oriented melodic music.
    Mandos: Gibson A2, Janish A5, Krishot F5, Taran Springwell, Shippey, Weber Elite A5; TM and OM by Dave Gregory, J E Dallas, Tobin & Davidson.

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    Default Re: Chris Thile on BBC Radio 3 February 26

    BBC Radio 3 seems to be available via Tune In on Echo or Google Home, and available for listening live on the web. Note: 13:00 in the UK = 8:00 am Eastern Standard Time.

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    Default Re: Chris Thile on BBC Radio 3 February 26

    Thank you to member Angocelt for telling us about this.

    I found I could sign up for a BBC account without much trouble.

    After some searching it appears the show featuring Chris Thile
    will appear here at 13:00 London time on Saturday. -->

    I am listening to that stream now. From the occasional news
    announcements it appears to be live. I plan to give it a try.

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    Default Re: Chris Thile on BBC Radio 3 February 26

    I listened to this show. Here are my notes:

    BBC Inside Music
    The sounds of the mandolin
    Chris thile

    now available here:
    Released On: 26 Feb 2022 Available for 29 days
    Jump to about 3:30 for the start.

    In which Chris Thile teaches a music appreciation course.
    In two hours this includes just two mandolin songs, Bill Monroe
    "Tennessee Blues" and finally at the end, Chris Thile
    "Salt in the Wounds of the Earth".

    Chris Thile says he loves music which challenges him. He says
    Beethoven has a mastery of form. He appreciates a musical overview,
    and loves clarity of expression. He said some later composers
    have a "Who cares if you are listening?" attitude. My impression
    is Chris Thile gives more weight to rhythm and the timing interaction
    of threads (or instruments) than melody and harmony.

    If you were looking for more mandolin content this is not the place.
    I learned some things, but most of the music presented was not to
    my taste.

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