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Thread: James Kellaris, "Au Caf Crdamome": PMO World Premiere

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    Default James Kellaris, "Au Caf Crdamome": PMO World Premiere

    Over this past weekend the Providence Mandolin Orchestra (PMO) gave the world premiere of a great new piece by James Kellaris, "Au Caf Crdamome," which features extended techniques and extensive use of Greek rhythms, melodies, and harmonies. The PMO was very honored to give the premiere. Here is a video made by the composer, who was in attendance.

    Robert A. Margo

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    Default Re: James Kellaris, "Au Caf Crdamome": PMO World Premiere

    Mr. Kellaris's compositions are colorful, resourceful, intelligent, exciting, and, sometimes, dance-able (watch the conductor in this video). He is a star. I am a fan. I hope someone will one day gather his compositions onto a disc(s). Thanks, Mr. Margo, for posting this!

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