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Thread: Mandolins with Deeper Necks

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    I recently played a KM-606 while traveling and although I found the tone to be somewhat uninspiring and dead I really liked the chunkier “D” shape of the neck. It seemed to make navigating upper fret chords more comfortable without feeling like i was contorting my thumb (like I sometimes feel on my old Fender). I am in the market for a new, upgraded mandolin. Can you all kindly recommend any models that might have more depth in the neck? Maybe the KM-606 is extreme in this regard I just know I don’t want another “thin” one. Thanks all and enjoying the forum!
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    I’ve played a few older Webers with beefier necks, but admittedly have not played any of the ones they made prior to their pausing mandolin production. I have a Rigel CT-110 and have played a couple of their A styles over the years. Their necks aren’t necessarily terribly deep but they wide nut makes mine feel larger to me. Very comfortable, though. National RM-1s have a 1 and 1/4 inch nut width and a nice, beefy neck as well.

    Hopefully someone will chime in regarding the Kentucky 700 and 800 series mandolins. If not, I’d give Dennis at TMS or Elderly a call, tell them what you like, and get some recommendations. There’s also the individual luthier route to consider, some of whom are quite reasonable (Sonny Morris, Silverangel, and Ratliff come to mind).

    Good luck!

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    Kind of a late response, but here is my 2 cents. I have not played a 606 but the necks vary quite a bit between different Kentucky models. The 250 and 500 series seem to have a slimmer neck and a radius fretboard. The 150 has a chunkier neck, slightly wider nut and a flat fretboard. The 900 and 1000 have a narrow 1 1/16" nut, flat fretboard and a slim neck. Toward the end they changed the 100 to a 1 1/8" nut, a little fuller neck and I believe a radius fretboard? The 950 and 1050 had a little over 1 1/8" nut, fuller neck and radius fretboard. I currently have a 756 (all the 750 line is the same except for different finishes) and it is a 1 1/8" nut, radius fretboard and a fuller U or D shaped neck. It is also a very good mandolin.

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    Pre-Loar Gibsons have a nice thickish neck.

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    Default Re: Mandolins with Deeper Necks

    The new Loar LM600 in the classifieds( search Loar) may be your ticket.
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    1 5/8" at the nut with the capo at 5th fret on my octave.
    The neck is like the oar of a rowing boat. I like it!!!

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    Thank you guys for the replies. After playing quite a few instruments i landed on a Collings MT. Just enough of a V at the neck and loads of tone, sustain and craftsmanship! I am smitten!

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    Default Re: Mandolins with Deeper Necks

    I like a nice V-shaped neck. I also enjoy a rounded full neck, which fits in a bigger hand. Great choice on the MT!
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    Gotta love a good fit! Congrats!
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