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Thread: Herwiga Solist Mandolin

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    Default Herwiga Solist Mandolin

    Some of the features seen on old instruments are interesting.

    The obvious feature here is the fret board extending across the
    sound hole. If I see it right there are 25 frets for the E-string.
    Though I don't know the scale length on this instrument, that
    would put the note at F7, about 2800 Hz, on normal GDAE tuning.

    I tried picking on my mandolin. I can get a pure ping up to
    fret 17 if I push carefully. Do you think playing up to fret 25
    would be useful for some players or styles or special effects?

    Herwiga Solist Mandolin

    Herwiga Solist Mandolin (seller photos)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Herwiga Solist Mandolin

    That is a german mandolin and they copied the Italian maker Luigi Embergher. Classical soloists (hence the model name) might need that high stratospheric note. That mandolin looks to be in rough shape with a crack on the apron amd looks like lots of glue poured into the cracks on the bowl.

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