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Thread: Suzuki uki?

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    Default Suzuki uki?

    If you really need an old Suzuki flatback, here's one badly disguised as a ukulele ... More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    There’s even a nice saz there today that’s listed as a sitar. My current really nice touchup job is also one of them 8 string ukes, and I’ve bought lutes, guitars, ouds that, shorn of description, were all mandolins. A fruitful category on SGW is ‘other’. A couple of the SGW locations do have people who know a bit, and sometimes, you’ll even see a photo showing action height against a reference quarter, or a closeup of the heel, but mostly, it’s just guess and bid.
    Where they get into trouble is when they’ve ID’d something as the valuable thing, and it is just some subcontinent ‘tribute’, and some bidder gets suckered into an expensive error.

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    Default Re: Suzuki uki?

    Quote Originally Posted by mrmando View Post
    This is a Japanese Suzuki Violin Company mandolin model 601 from 1967 (from label on one of the photos).

    We had two of these come through town recently. One has failed neck joint and is now a wall decoration at Cafe Calabria on commercial drive.

    Second one was okey and is now in regular use, it plays very well, good tone, good action. Initially, it tried fold itself across the sound hole (top material is weakened by cut-outs for the plastic pick guard)
    and was "saved" by using extra light strings (9-13-21-30) and a "sound post" (piece of A1 pencil) to stop the folding (proper fix is to glue two braces around the sound hole parallel to the strings).

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    Default Re: Suzuki uki?

    Saw this too late. Went for $50. Someone got a pretty good starter/beater for not much. I'll bet it didn't get higher bids because it was "Missing Some Strings."
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