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Thread: New Guitar Case under $600

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    Default New Guitar Case under $600

    What's the best built guitar case that's not a Calton or Hoffee, and less expensive than those two?
    Hiscox seems a likely contender.

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    Crossrock fiberglass case and they have just come out with a carbon fiber one. They are around $300

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    Hiscox is no longer selling in the US. Visesnut sells cases that are a bit over your price range. A lot of luthiers have switched to them. You might also look at Bam.
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    Default Re: New Guitar Case under $600

    I bought a Crossrock fiberglass classical guitar case for my Weber octave mandolin and I'm happy with it.

    I haven't put it through any major stress tests like airline travel or regular gigs, just a couple of sessions and a workshop but it's holding up fine. I posted a longer review with some photos here if you're interested:

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    Everything I own is in a Crossrock case. I don't think you can beat em for the price.

    My bouzouki is in the case that that Foldedpath referenced. I got it for $279. It's a good fit, solid, and light. It's a great case for going to gigs, festivals, etc. I would not check it on an airline. My mandola (19 scale with a bouzouki size body) is in the Crossrock Poly Carbon. It cost just under $500. I would fly with that case if I had to. It's a great case.

    Crossrock seems to tweak their cases a lot. There are subtle differences between models from year to year. I've never been disappointed but make sure you know what you're getting!
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