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    Hey all, I've got a Kentucky 505 in need of a strap. I'm new to mandolins and having a hard time finding one, so I must be missing something obvious.

    Since it's an A-type I assume I need something specifically for that, no convenient scroll to hang off of. Bonus points for cotton with a bird or floral pattern.

    Any website or company I should focus on for mandolin gear?

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    Default Re: Strap it up!

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    The leather tab at one end attaches to the end pin but it can slip out of the slit in the leather.
    For a more secure set up, please attach another sturdy string at the leather end which can tie under the tailpiece and act as a 'fail safe'.

    My beautiful Collings took a nasty fall one day when the leather slipped.

    And the string at the other end goes under the strings at the nut at the head stock. (It should have a secure 'fisherman's knot too.')
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    If you donít like your strap to attach to the headstock, you can tie it around the neck heel and under the fretboard. Or add another strap button on the neck heel. Enjoy!

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    I like mine on the headstock, but if you choose that method go past the first E string tuner. It will keep the strap away from being in the way of your hands.

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    You can buy new 48" leather shoestrings or an old belt at a thrift store for chump change. A leather shoe string can be used by itself, or you can do a simple braid with the second shoelace that comes in the pack. I attach it to the end pin and loop a portion around the tailpiece and tie that down for added security. As has been mentioned, you can passs it under the fingerboard & tie it down or bring it up to the headstock. I've also used an old leather belt, cut the buckle and belt loop off, punched a hole in that end, and used short pieces of cord or shoe laces to attach the ends. Unlike a Les Paul, a mandolin is very light and doesn't need a wide and fancy strap. However, there are some makers, like Lakota Leathers, who make dedicated mandolin straps.

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    I actually would trust thin leather, unless it’s good quality and new. It can sometimes age badly.
    If you need a thin strap, you could use 3-6 mm para chord from a climbing shop. It’s quite soft but can have a breaking strain of more than a ton!

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