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    Default That Feeling…

    …when you’re pickin’ at your local pub’s monthly open jam and a semi-pro touring bluegrass band rolls in to join the fun. 🤣

    They were awfully nice and played and sang beautifully. I couldn’t stop giggling. My breaks were worse than usual. Eventually I just grabbed my beer, sat down and listened.

    Anyone else experience absurd levels of talent showing up to their local jam?

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    Default Re: That Feeling…


    A bunch of stuff with four strings

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    That happened to me one time, a few years ago.

    A local brewery had a jam night that I went to a few times. A beautiful girl in a fedora showed up with an old out of tune fiddle. Someone asked her what she could play, and she said something like “whatever you play, I can play”. At first i thought, wow, that’s arrogant! There were some pretty strong players at the jam.

    We started playing and WOW! Didn’t matter what the song was, she did a killer break, perfect fills, you name it. Her name was Marina Pendleton- when I googled her later, she had won fiddle contests, played in pro bands, released albums, etc. She was actually humble and a blast to jam with. Even though no one else was at her level, she was happy to jam with amateurs.

    I agree, it’s a special experience when you get to jam with a real player. Wish it happened more often for us regular folk!
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    I was playing in a bluegrass jam on "the porch" at Clifftop, (which is rare because Clifftop is so much more an old timey festival than a bluegrass festival), just messing around. Folks came in and left and the configuration of players changed and soon enough I was surrounded by some amazing players. Crazy good. And tight together.

    It turns out I was now playing with an established bluegrass band, from the Czech Republic. These guys were great, and sang beautiful harmonies. Between songs they did not have much English, which struck me as funny. I was able to hold my own and even contribute a bit, to what was an excellent time. A really quirky wonderful international experience.
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    But Amsterdam was always good for grieving
    And London never fails to leave me blue
    And Paris never was my kinda town
    So I walked around with the Ft. Worth Blues

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